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Bishop urges youth of India to work for tolerance amid increase in violence
Bellary, India, Jan 31, 2015 / 04:03 pm ( CNA/EWTN News ).- The head of the Indian Catholic Youth Movement, Bishop Hendry D'Souza of Bellary, has raised his voice about the necessity of religious tolerance and interreligious dialouge in India. “Social amity should not be the responsibility of the government alone, rather ...

Humanity cannot exist without farmers, says Pope
Vatican City, Jan 31, 2015 / 12:00 pm ( CNA/EWTN News ).- Pope Francis told farmers on Saturday that in a world marked by wastefulness and extreme climate change, they have the important vocation of caring for the earth and providing for all of humanity.  “Care for the earth, making alliance with ...

Archbishops Chaput, Gomez confirmed participants in Synod on the Family
Vatican City, Jan 31, 2015 / 11:32 am ( CNA/EWTN News ).- The Vatican has confirmed the participation of 48 delegates chosen by bishops' conferences to take part in this year's Synod on the Family.  Included on the list are all those elected by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Archbishop ...

Church in Italy fights against imposition of gender ideology in schools
Rome, Italy, Jan 31, 2015 / 06:08 am ( CNA/EWTN News ).- The general secretary of the Italian bishops conference stressed on Friday that the attempt to introduce textbooks into the nation's schools that present gender theory as a fact are an effort to turn biological data upside down. Bishop Nunzio Galantino of ...

How one Catholic school takes a hammer to the cycle of poverty
Washington D.C., Jan 30, 2015 / 05:10 pm ( CNA/EWTN News ).- During Catholic Schools Week, the president of a small school in Washington, D.C. explained its humble origins, extraordinary mission, and its hopes for the future. “We intentionally seek out kids who can’t afford to go here and ...

Can Christians survive the 'dirty games' of Middle East politics?
Amman, Jordan, Jan 30, 2015 / 04:19 pm ( CNA ).- Christians have lived in the Middle East since the time of the apostles, but political machinations by world powers and other groups put these communities at risk of extinction, a Jordanian priest fears. “Who are the main players in these ‘dirty games& ...

Woman bishop challenges future of Anglican-Catholic dialogue
London, England, Jan 30, 2015 / 03:04 pm ( CNA/EWTN News ).- While the consecration of the Church of England's first woman bishop presents significant challenges in bringing Catholics and Anglicans into “closer communion,” ecumenical leaders say the door to dialogue remains open. The consecration of Libby Lane as an Anglican ...

Lukewarm Christians who don’t love are 'in grave danger,' Pope warns
Vatican City, Jan 30, 2015 / 11:20 am ( CNA/EWTN News ).- In his homily Friday Pope Francis encouraged Christians to remember the first time they felt the love of God, and warned that those who forget this moment risk becoming lukewarm and losing salvation. “Lukewarm Christians: they’re there, immobile. Yes, ...

Missionary: Boko Haram behind attacks on churches, religious in Niger
Niamey, Niger, Jan 30, 2015 / 04:01 am ( Aid to the Church in Need ).- Boko Haram is determined to take its jihadist campaign beyond Nigeria. Its next targets include Niger, where, as reported in an email message from a woman religious working as a missionary in the country, the group has proclaimed that & ...

Ghana priests shift focus to marriage prep, youth formation
Accra, Ghana, Jan 30, 2015 / 02:21 am ( CNA/EWTN News ).- A national gathering of hundreds of priests in Ghana have resolved to become more involved with their parishioners through marriage preparation, family counseling, and educational youth formation. “As priests, we promise to continually update our knowledge and educate ourselves on marriage ...

Coming soon to the Vatican: haircuts for Rome's homeless
Vatican City, Jan 30, 2015 / 12:08 am ( CNA/EWTN News ).- The Vatican’s continued efforts to help the homeless of Rome have expanded beyond showers and bathrooms at St. Peter’s Square, with a barber shop set to open soon. “Our primary concern is to give people their dignity,& ...

Burma's Bibles: encouraging love of Scripture among the laity
Yangon, Burma, Jan 29, 2015 / 06:50 pm ( CNA/EWTN News ).- The Church in Burma is engaged in a series of biblical seminars to aid in catechesis and in drawing the laity to read and appreciate Sacred Scripture, heeding the call of the Second Vatican Council. “Our vision is that Catholic faithful ...

Assisted living centers defeat HHS mandate in court
Denver, Colo., Jan 29, 2015 / 04:56 pm ( CNA/EWTN News ).- A federal court has permanently barred the Obama administration from enforcing the federal contraception mandate against the group of Evangelical-owned senior citizen and assisted living centers. “All Americans should oppose unjust laws that allow the government to force people to surrender ...

Pope says palliums will be given to new archbishops at home – not Rome
Vatican City, Jan 29, 2015 / 04:35 pm ( CNA/EWTN News ).- As a sign of “synodality” with local Churches, Pope Francis has decided that new metropolitan archbishops will officially be imposed with the pallium in their home diocese, rather than the Vatican. “The meaning of this change is to put ...

Does Francis like being Pope? A behind-the-scenes chat in the Philippines
Manila, Philippines, Jan 29, 2015 / 03:12 pm ( CNA ).- During his pastoral visit to the Philippines Jan. 15-19, Pope Francis held an unscheduled meeting at the Apostolic Nunciature in Manila with 40 Jesuit priests and told them how it feels to be the Successor of Peter.   After the meeting with families at the ...

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